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We produce Modules and Elements at your request!



  • In our factory CONTECH high standard and quality controls by SINTEF 

  • We offer you a turn-key solution to your new home

  • In-House Architect

  • Experienced BIM projecting team

  • Reliable production of high-quality timber framed elements and modules 


why byggnor

We have the know-how you need! Our production is verified by Sintef– an independent organization researching innovative solutions for complex projects. The technology we use is  providing innovative, cost-effective site solutions. This means we take full responsibility over the lifecycle of the project including cost management, construction management, project management and facility operation. 

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Our module house uses an integrated standardized construction process saving you time and money


The speed of production and assembly allows for your tenants to move in faster and gives you a higher ROI (return on investment)


The prefabricated construction process is less dependant on the weather conditions 


The Modules are easy to assemble on site and it is easy to add additional modules as well as remove Modules


The optimized production of the Modules allows for a high level of precision saving material and creating a lower environmental impact

Wooden Furnitures


SIGURD 175-2-0

Two story morden classic design house. One of the our conceptual houses. A modern classic house design made up as detached house. Also possible to order the garaz extention.



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Clean from polutions

The modules do not contain any priority environmental toxins, or other relevant substances in an amount that is considered hazardous to health and the environment.

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Healthty indoor climate

The modules are judged not emit particles, gases or radiation that negatively affects the indoor climate, or have an impact on health.

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Safety for ​soil and water

Releases from the modules are judged to not affect soil and groundwater negatively. Priority pollutants include CMR, PBT and vPvB substances


family house

BYGGNOR element buildings can be used in fire class 1 to detached houses, vertical / horizontal dwellings and holiday homes, and for homes with up to 3 floors.

Both the module and the element housing can be supplied as both low energy and passive housing.

Houses are supplied with bathroom and kitchen installed.

House Construction


The modules are supplied from the factory with exterior cladding, windows and doors installed in exterior walls, possibly also with finished roofing. 


The modules normally come with finished interior lining and surfaces, and partly with fixed fixtures and technical installations installed in the factory. For interconnection of several modules, these also come with open long sides. 


Modules are supplied with bathroom and kitchen installed.


multi storey

BYGGNOR modules are primarily intended for use in residential buildings from one to four floors. 


N.B! Our modules can also be adapted for use in different types of multi-storey fire class 2 buildings.

The modules are supplied from the factory with exterior cladding, windows and doors installed in exterior walls, possibly also with finished roofing. 


Modules are supplied with bathroom and kitchen installed.

White Couch


Abstract Architecture

Exterior design example

Key in the Lock

Interior design

Woman Looking Out the Window

Order design


Send over your drawings and we will come up with a good offer

We can deliver
apartment blocks,
detached houses, schools, kindergartens and barracks.




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