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Best offer: SIGURD (175-2-0)


Two-story single-family residence

A spacious and functional gable front house, easy and inexpensive to build! This two-story grand family home features an all-encompassing design leaving nothing out of the house. Upon entering, extra storage has been included whether that be for wardrobe items or as a plant and storage room for technical appliances. A vast kitchen and living area have been left open to suggestion and creativity, though allow for a number of configurations depending on how you prefer to use the space and entertain. A dining table can be included within the living space leaving a breakfast bar to feature in the kitchen. Alternatively, the kitchen and living areas can be made separate by allowing for more sofa seating in the living room. These are but a few of the possibilities. The inclusion of a walk-in wardrobe for the master bedroom is a stylish and often longed for feature. Another promising aspect of the design is a sauna included with the large family bathroom. An appropriate second bathroom features on the first floor of the property. The first floor is subject to two additional bedrooms (the larger including a walk-in wardrobe) and a vast open space which can be configured into an additional bedroom or a second living area amongst other options. The grandeur and flexibility of the space allows for a beautiful family home to be designed in the most convenient way according to everyone’s needs and desires.

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2 floor



  • Stories 

  • Enclosed netto area:

  • Building footprint area:

  • Gabarites LxW:

  • Height from foundation level

  • Roof slope

  • Rooms:

    • Bedrooms 3 (4)

    • Bathrooms 2

    • Kitchens 1

    • Living rooms 2

    • Laundry 1

  • Garage – standalone, not included!


1st floor:

  • Oak parquet on the floor.

  • Wallstopaint panels (Forestia) on walls with optional colors

  •  Kitchen appliances ( Electrolux): hob, oven, dishwasher, microwave and fridge.

  • Bathroom furniture.

  • Heating cables in bathroom, under tiles on floor- and

  • Tiles on walls in bathroom.

  • Laundry room: Fibo boards on the walls and vinyl on the floor

  •  White ceiling tiles.

  • White Windows and exterior doors from Nordan.

  • White interior doors from Bygg1.

  • White linings and moldings.

  • Balanced ventilation with heat recovery.

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